BlueScope Be Invited to《Silk Road New Sight》

BlueScope Be Invited to《Silk Road New Sight》

On October 16, 2016, Shaanxi TV initiated its first news & information show focusing on the development trends of the "Belt and Road" - "Silk Road New Sight". Based on new start, opening new sight. Wholly exposed to Silk Road, full information coverage. BlueScope was invited to the recording of the Australian special session of the news show. 

Shaanxi TV "Silk Road New Sight"

Shaanxi TV launched the news & info show "Silk Road New Sight", which focuses on the big sight of strategic practices of the B&R initiative. By means of varied innovative practices and approaches, such as linking with media agencies along the Silk Road, and connecting with experts and scholars, the program aims to sort out, conclude and report extensively on important policies and information related to the B&R initiative, maintains full groundbreaking coverage of news and cultural and economic exchanges in the countries and regions along the Silk Road, and therefore strives to provide viewers with a full range of Silk Road news and information services. 

BlueScope is long committed to environmental protection, and advocates the safe production and green building concept. The design and construction of its Xi'an Plant is in full compliance with the Chinese 3-star green building standard. It will be the first 3-star green plant adopting full-process green production across China. Meanwhile, Xi'an Plant also meets the U.S. standard of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Chinese GB Evaluation Standard for Green Industrial Building. It won the LEED Platinum certification. In addition, the project also won the Luban Prize for Construction Project, Xi'an Construction Yanta Cup, and the National Innovation Award for Green Building.

As a pioneer of green building, BlueScope has been always promoting the development of green building and practicing the green building concept with all walks of life. 

With research and testing labs around the world, we scrutinize critical aspects of our products and test every system and component to verify they meet our stringent quality specifications.