BlueScope China Women Leadership Forum

BlueScope China Women Leadership Forum

In BlueScope, our success is achieved based on our employees. A wide range of perspectives built on a diverse and inclusive working environment must enhance BlueScope's capabilities and enable it to create continuous business successes. In June this year, the "BlueScope China Women Leadership Forum" was held in Shanghai. The national female leaders were convened together for the first time. And the "BlueScope China Diversity Platform" was set up to assemble the feminine strength for advancement of cultural diversity. 

▲ BlueScope China Women Leadership Forum ribbon-cutting ceremony  CLT leaders presented themselves on the scene, and made the most solemn commitment to diversity to express their greatest support! 

Solemn commitment ceremony, female employees on the site being witness on 

behalf of everyone. 


Warm-up session before the forum. Participants must study their respective tasks,find the mysterious guest with secret password, exchange ideas on diversity and express them in a creative way: 

Take a look at the creative patterns that show understandings over diversity! 

The forum started officially

BlueScope China Women Leadership Forum was officially started as the President of BlueScope China Mr. Bernie Landy delivered a speech.

The "BlueScope China Diversity Platform" was set up on the scene of the forum, and 5 "diversity ambassadors" appointed. 

The "diversity ambassadors" should be responsible for: 

Cooperating with the HQ to organize and coordinate regional diversity activities Collecting challenges during implementation of cultural diversity Reporting results achieved in implementation of cultural diversity

Challenging the chorus Try Everything, experiencing in person being one of diversity while completing a mission together.

To address the leadership challenges faced by the company's female leaders,discussions were made to explore solutions and action plans in the following aspects

Topic 1: balance between career and family/life

Topic 2: how to break through career limitations

Topic 3: how to manage a diverse team

The summit is based on three distinct themes: alliance, determined accomplishment, and influence expansion. And a variety of activities were designed, so that participants find it refreshing and advanced in a progressive manner, thus deepening their understanding on and commitment to diversity. 

Diversity of BlueScope

A diverse and inclusive workplace is rather important for our business, which will ensure all of us, our customers, and our communities of better business, better workplace, and a better future.